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Our Story

Amy and Tim met in late 2012 through mutual friends in the Boston improv scene. They became closer after being cast together on The Abundance, a Harold Night Improv group. As their friendship blossomed through a shared love of pugs, improv, bad movies, and late nights at The Field, things eventually turned romantic, and Amy finally introduced Tim to Zeppy. Then they started dating!

After a year of dating they moved in together and haven’t looked back since!

They’ve taken many trips and gone on many adventures, whether it be to Iceland or to Market Basket on a weekend. In the four years they’ve been together, they’ve had countless laughs and insides jokes. They’ve worked together on many projects, both home, like building their own headboard, or artistic, helping each other write comedy or performing together in their imporv duo. They’ve thrown many parties together, including a surprise party Amy threw for Tim’s 32nd birthday, several Halloween and other costume parties, and most importantly a yearly NYE party, the most of recent of which was where Tim popped the question to Amy, who of course said yes.

As they get ready to start the next chapter in their lives together, they’re ecstatic to share their story and celebrate their journey with you on the day of their wedding, July 14th 2018, which was an easy date to pick as it’s their anniversary already and the wedding anniversary of Rosalie and the late George Freese, Amy’s grandparents.